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About Young Athletic Movement

- Helping Young People Achieve Better Health -

Young Athletic Movement is a media company dedicated to promoting better health in young people. We believe that movement is essential to a healthy life and that understanding how humans move and the importance of proper movement can lead to better living. Our mission is to provide resources and tools to help young people achieve their health goals.

FDS Trainers at IMG.jpg

Above: the author with "FootDoctor" Performance Trainers at RL52 Camp 2017

- Our Focus on Movement and Health -

After years of thinking I was athletic and strong, I started losing the ability to walk properly in 2009. I didn’t acknowledge it (although thinking back I had symptoms as early as elementary school) until sometime in 2015. By 2018 I needed a cane to walk. I was 49 years old, way too young. Even then, I blamed the dysfunction on possible traumatic injuries I’d received in the past and present. This, I believe, turns out to be only partially true. While working with a group of Performance trainers known as The FootDoctor Sports I began studying, attending conferences, and talking to professionals from a variety of specializations in order to try and find solutions to my dysfunctions.  Dysfunctions are simply deviations from what are considered normal behaviors. Most of them occur over time. The more time spent behaving dysfunctionally, the more dysfunctional the behaviors in the future. All those years I had been practicing to move incorrectly. I could have been stronger and more athletic if I had been taught to move correctly.

While trauma certainly changes movement and other behaviors, our automatic reset must have a base. It must go back to a particular place and time. This starts with subconscious behaviors (basic operating systems), which coupled with our genetics (hardware) produce our familiar traits. For instance “That’s Ray over there, I’d know that walk anywhere.” These traits are trained and can be retrained. They can also be influenced and built upon by the conscious mind. The younger the better, the older the harder, and the best range to train and make it stick is from two to six years of age. This is how we create the base. 

Young Athletic Movement is meant to be an open platform style of bringing valuable basic operating movements to a young generation aged two to six years old. It’s that simple. If you “Google” toddler exercises you get about 31,000,000 results (0.39 seconds). That’s too much to go through. We offer a few simple important movements that are based on human anatomy and physiology. These are put into media to capture a young person's attention and help them to repeat good basic movements until they have good basic habits. The open external program interfaces will initially be feedback from emails and social forums about our books and media. We hope it will evolve to other forms of communication like talking to people face to face.

The one thing we at Young Athletic Movement do not want to instill in children (as a base) is hate in any way, shape, or form. We will never cover any movements involved with hate because we believe that behaviors should always move in a positive direction.

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