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  • What's the best approach for using YAM media to create good habits?
    Most professionals agree on a few good tips to create good habits: Be a role model - you should be working on and instituting these good basic movements while teaching the toddlers. They're watching you for guidance. Create a a routine - try to engage the habit at certain regular occasions. For instance meals at the table are a great time to remind the child to properly sit. Engage with a positive attitude: if it seems like you're not having fun the toddler won't either
  • Should I read the book uninterrupted from start to finish?
    We believe the message sticks better if you can show the toddler and have them practice the movements along with the reading. This reinforces the motor and neural "memories."
  • Does athletic movement mean sports?
    At YAM we believe that well functioning mental capacity to solve problems of the human experience can also be termed as athletic movement. You can be an athlete in classrooms, on the job or in conversations. Even ESPN (the cable sports network) regularly airs chess and poker tournaments.
  • Is Young Athletic Movement science based?
    While the media put out by Young Athletic Movement is not the direct result of one particular study or universal law of movement, its premise comes from tenets that are universally agreed upon by neuroscientist, physical and occupational therapist, childhood development specialist and teachers.
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