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Future Hero Training

Future Hero Training is the first program using the premises of Young Athletic Movement, future vocational goals and activities that children can identify with.

One Page Intro

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We reinforce the  need for good movement with the children we are working with by relating the daily movement to the physical needs of heroes they know, both fictional and in the community. For instance in addition to our base subconscious training for breathe, sit, stand, walk, squat, jump and run we would have children pick a hero and then we demonstrate certain functional movements of the heroes they chose. For instance if a child chooses military serviceman as a hero, we may have the child learn proper  attention stance (spinal alignment for long periods of time) or marching (which is great for daily walking and ascending stairs).  In addition we bring in training and tools from the speed and agility training sector like training cards and agility shapes to improve on more specialized movements.

To inquire about getting future hero training for your institution  please contact us using the button below.

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