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Book 2 in the Young Athletic Movement series which was designed to help toddlers learn proper basic movement habits that they will keep for life.

Squat, Jump, and Build Your Rump

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  • How can we create Young Athletic Movement? The basic movements we introduced in Book 1: breathing , sitting, standing, walking are followed up with squatting and jumping. These together with running which is intorduced in Book 3, can contribute to the overall health and athleticism of the young person listening. Because we are focusing on learning for toddlers, the read time for the series is between two and five minutes. This is the range that most toddlers actually learn in. The coloring consists mainly of red, yellow and blue, outlined in black, which are the earliest colors that babies start to recognize. These colors attract the toddlers attention helping to cement the subconscious learning base. The science is made understandable with characters illustrated by Patrick Carlson ( including animals), and a rhytmic cadence that is both easy to recite and remember. That's it. That is the Young Athletic Movement series.

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